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Casino Tricks Used to Manipulate Players

Casino Tricks Used to Manipulate Players

While researching for this episode, I stumbled across a fascinating video by Jim Sterling who did an incredible exposé on the company, so if you want to learn more I’ve linked to it in the [ i ] cards at the top. Check it out. […]

Online Backgammon

Online Backgammon

Backgammon carries a extremely prolonged historical past nevertheless, studying how you can participate in backgammon is easy. It can be a video game of skill and one that, regrettably, a lot of younger people today are not all that recognizable with. Nonetheless, familiarizing oneself with […]

Roulette Games Zone

Roulette Games Zone

Roulette is one of the most notorious gambling entertainment in all the casinos, which can play both real and online casinos. The name derives from the French word roulette, which means small wheel. Even into the Middle Ages had not been placed notes on the use of roulette gambling as entertainment. According to investigators, the most direct reference to the wheel was the wheel of fortune. This game has given thousands of curious people, thanks to the mystical movement because of its apparent stillness at its center and the increased speed of the wheel as we move away from it.

Moreover, the fact that the wheel of the game stops completely random manner, which could mean a product of their own destiny, has given an initial toe to create a large number of games of chance based on the use of a wheel. The Frenchman Pascal who invented the wheel and its specific rules, which were very similar to the rules present today in the current roulette games. Roulette Pascal presented a series of numbers from 1 to 36, in which there was an exact balance in the position of the numbers.


If we add the 36 values would get the 666. This value takes the wheel into the corners of the esoteric and magical. Pascal Roulette entertainment center was the small gathering of friends in high society. The casinos did not have the game due to the high costs that it will generate because the house was to take over the infrastructure and hiring the right staff. Moreover, low profitability or the game virtually no overlooking the casino was to be rejected by those sites, because all proceeds from the betting were returned when checking out the awards.

This changed in the late nineteenth century when the wheel was added 0 and later, in the U.S. was added twice 0. This caused the game to be profitable for casinos. Currently, online roulette has generated great expectations in a multitude of users and have enabled them to have fun anywhere in the world, with spectacular graphics viewers, which perfectly simulates real roulette.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Famous Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong one of the most beautiful places in all of Asia. And it is no wonder that Hongkong attracts millions of tourists each year. People from all over the world, as well as Hong Kong locals themselves (often called “Hongkies”), are attracted by the […]

Community Tourism Africa

Community Tourism Africa

Community tourism is a type of tourism whose objective is to involve and benefit local communities, especially aboriginal people in the Third and Fourth World. For example, villagers host tourists in their village, managing the operation communally and sharing the revenue. There are different forms […]

Chitabe Cheetah

Chitabe Cheetah

On a game drive out of Chitabe Camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta we came across a female cheetah, obviously hungry and on the lookout for possible prey. We followed her in our game drive vehicle for some time and were rewarded with action when she chased down and killed an impala.

The spotted cat managed to kill the Impala quickly, but her appearance startled other creatures nearby such as francolins, starlings, and monkeys, who in turn began making noisy alarm calls. The cheetah was nervous, as they normally are after making a kill and kept looking around, obviously aware that all the noise being made could easily attract unwanted attention to her and her hard-won kill. The cheetah ate as fast as it could and when a spotted hyena showed up, we thought she was about to lose her kill, but the hyena failed to notice exactly where she was and moved off.

chitabe cheetah

We watched the cheetah as it relaxed a bit and ate more and more of the Impala and we took pictures of the beautiful cat.

An hour later the hyena returned and this time it made no mistake and charged in, driving the cheetah off in an instant. Fortunately, cheetahs are adapted to eating hastily and the female cat moved away with a full belly whilst the hyena finished off the remainder of the Impala.

Grant Atkinson

Specialist Guide – Wilderness Safaris



I was working in U.S. for a long time, and I noticed several old people ready for retirement, looking for a peaceful country to spend the rest of their lives. It was so funny to talk to a very old man named Randy, looking for […]

Get Started With Adventure Travel

Get Started With Adventure Travel

If you desire interesting work opportunities and professions, you will quickly realize that it must be important that you can be a new well spherical individual. Take a long time away from jobs as well as your career searches and take into consideration how take […]

Tips to Find Cheap Last Minute Flights to Save Your Budget

Tips to Find Cheap Last Minute Flights to Save Your Budget

Due to you to these tough economic periods, more everyone is finding that they need to stretch his or her dollars to look at a trip. Many feel that if they get a flight they’ll spend a lot of money. A good way to get a low-priced flight should be to book final minute routes. The internet is an excellent place to uncover and get a cheap very. If you look online, you will find that you have discount take a trip sites that include cheap very last minute flights. Moreover, discount takes a trip sights supply customers a means to stay current on the latest very last minute flight discounts by giving newsletters along with travel warns. When you join, you are going to be sent notifications regarding the latest very last minute flight discounts. Because this kind of special deals tends to be restricted to your certain amount of seats, it will be possible to go online and risk-free you’re priced before that they sell out and about.

Purchasing a new flight with a Discount Air carrier or zero frills affordable airline is the best way to get a low-priced flight with the last instant. These finances airlines offer many of the cheapest routes. There are generally online discounted travel internet sites that help the finances airlines to trade their seating at drastically discounted prices while you shop with a discount take a trip site, you do not have a difficulty booking a new seat with a budget air carrier. You might not exactly get any additional amenities through the money anyone saves definitely can make it worth the idea.

last minute flights

Choose affordable travel when booking at the last minute can lead to an affordable flight. As an illustration, flying to your destination as it is throughout its off-season as well as shoulder season can lead to cheaper jet fare for the reason that airlines need to fill seating to these kinds of destinations. In addition, your flight is going to be cheaper in case you fly on Tuesday, Wed, and Wednesday. Flying inside early day and late in the evening will in addition decrease the cost of an airfare ticket.

When searching for a cheap airfare, it is actually wise for you to compare prices when you book. The internet is often an actually quite an easy way for you to compare prices to have the cheapest routes. In supplement, if you happen to be flexible in where you can fly, it could make it less difficult to discover a great deal with a last instant flight.

We may all utilize a vacation for you to relax and reduce stress via our occupied daily existence. Fortunately, for the people on new frugal finances, you can discover quite a lot on very last minute flights without discussing your finances. These routes are too many of the hottest holiday destinations located across the world. Thanks on the growth along with expansion involving online searching sites, there are generally professional discounted travel sites which can help you receive the cheapest price with a flight. In no time, you may be sunbathing with a tropical beach front with extra cash in your current wallet.


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While researching for this episode, I stumbled across a fascinating video by Jim Sterling who did an incredible exposé on the company, so if you want to learn more I’ve linked to it in the [ i ] cards at the top. Check it out. Jim is *excellent* at doing these sorts of things, so I highly recommend watching that.

And Scientific Revenue is far from the only one in this business. Kotaku discovered a patent, owned by Activision, that uses player info to push gamers into buying microtransactions and loot boxes. Basically what this tool is able to do is identify items that might interest you as a player, and then match you against other entropay casinos ca players with more skill who own and use that item. That way, you’re in a match, you see the item, you see how good the other players are with it, And you want to get it for yourself so you too can be as good as those other guys. In short, as games track more and more of your data, and as technology continues to understand gamer behavior better, games are being tuned more and more precisely to get you to spend money.

And with a combination of player metrics and psychological sciences working against you, it’s a lot to resist. Even if you’re not typically someone who spends money on games. So, all things told across these two episodes, this is a partial list of everything that is stacked against you.

Skinner Box reward models, free trials that get you over your loss aversion and into a state of sunk costs, illusion of control, dynamic odds precisely tuned to *your* play habits, flexible pricing to hit you where you’re willing to pay, and even matchmaking services to get you excited about new items. Oh boy, that’s a lot. But, we have to go back to the underlying question here. Is it gambling? Is it dangerous? As much as it might seem that this is a clear-cut case of companies squeezing us for every last dollar by exploiting our desire to get a rare item out of a random box, there is another side to this story.

Like every issue, there’s a lot of nuance to this subject. But as I think we all know, in a world where your thoughts need to be condensed to 280 characters, nuance is a hard sell. It doesn’t get the retweets, but when you actually stop and look at loot crates, they’ve been around for over a hundred years.

[old movie audio] That’s right, meet the original loot boxes: Baseball cards. [normal] Before there were Hearthstone cards, or Magic cards, or practically even Hallmark cards, there were baseball cards. Just like the loot boxes of today, cards started coming in packs shortly after World War II, offering a selection of all your favorite b-ball characters to collect and trade, and it was all Yankee Doodle Dandy and apple pie. But card makers quickly realized that they could get kids — and their parents — to buy more packs of cards if they set up special rewards or incentives in the packs. One of the most famous examples was the Gold Rush of 1992.

The Gold *Foil* Rush of 1992. The way it worked was for the manufacturer, Topps, to insert special gold cards into select packs of baseball cards. They were exactly the same as regular cards, but the lettering was gold. Ho ho boy, calm down. It became such a massive craze that the company had to update their packaging to make it tamper resistant. *And* add features to cards to prevent counterfeiting.

Realizing what a big hit these rare premium cards were, Topps then came out with a *super* premium set and an *ultra* premium set to keep collectors collecting. Other competitor companies started creating similar gimmicks to get kids to buy more card packs and collect more and more cards with the same players over and over again. Same player, same player, same player– just a special font, a heavier card stock, a shiny gold label.

So even if you’ve never touched a video game, if you, or your parents, or your parents’ parents have ever opened a set of baseball cards, They’ve participated in the same psychological phenomena that I’ve been talking about this whole time. From the dopamine anticipation pathways, to the sporadic rewards, to the loss aversion principles. So if this practice has been going on in safe, kid-friendly hobbies for literally a century, can it actually be harmful? Well interestingly enough, shortly after the 1992 Gold Foil craze, the exact same discussions happening now around loot boxes, started happening around baseball cards. The Wall Street Journal came down hard on the principles of card collecting as gambling and lamented its “loss of innocence” back in 1996.

In 1999, The New York Times brought the same issue up again, but instead of baseball cards, it was Pokémon cards. claiming that the Pokémon card lottery system was a form of gambling for children. You know the phrase “those who don’t read history are doomed to repeat it”? Well here we are. The argument is cyclical, with a ton of the major toy crazes from the past few decades being ultimately based on some kind of random prize system, or, to some people, gambling.

So, how did all these issues shake out in the past? Why is this still an issue nearly thirty years after the first gold foil baseballer hit store shelves? Well, one of the biggest arguments that have kept these issues from moving forward in the past is that there are some genuinely big differences between what we classify as gambling, and what happens with card packs and loot boxes. In a casino, you’re betting money that you’ll win. But if you don’t, you leave the casino with nothing. Your money literally disappears into the casino vault and you get nothing in exchange.

Systems like loot boxes though, or Magic cards, or Pokémon cards, or Baseball cards before them, or even those eBay mystery boxes that vloggers have been spending egregious amounts of money on lately — those don’t work like this. In the case of loot boxes, you’re always buying *something*. You never hand your money to Blizzard for a loot box and find that that loot box is empty. That would be what a casino is like: maybe you get something, maybe you don’t. But in this case, you *always* get something.

You just don’t know whether it’s the something that you wanted. And where *you* might not want the skins or sprays in the box, for someone else, it might be exactly what they were looking for. There’s no gaming company that’s actually participating in a system where you give something and get nothing. So here’s the deal.

Would you rather have loot boxes that give you nothing, and then have the government classify them as gambling and regulate them, Or would you rather just keep them the way they are — unregulated. That seems to be the option that we’re faced with here. *Or* if you do want to call loot boxes as they are today gambling, and then regulate them, where does it stop?

You’ll also need to regulate Magic cards, and baseball cards, and by logical extension, bags of Skittles. And if you think that sounds stupid, why? Consider this. I buy a bag of Skittles and expect a certain number of red and purple ones because they’re obviously the best flavors.

But instead I always end up with like 70% yellow and orange. I lost the gamble. My loot bag of Skittles gave me a bunch of crap flavors and I am outraged.

While that seems like an extreme example, it’s a slippery slope towards any product that involves a random chance. And the lines only get blurrier the further you go. So there you have it.

The scientific arguments against loot boxes, and the philosophical rationale for them. Like I said, it’s not an easy debate, but what’s most important is that we *as players* stay aware of the psychology that goes into every game that we download or pick up off the shelf. Let 2018 be the year where we get smarter as players, and educate other gamers on the tactics being used to separate us from our money Knowing and understanding the systems in place to take advantage of our basic psychology helps you to avoid them, and ensures that your in-game decisions are being made by *you*, not by a company manipulating you.

But hey, that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY! Let 2019 begin.